Monday, September 28, 2009

Squishy 115-117

Wish115-117 This grouping of squishies also came from the boy swap.  One of the rules for the swap is that if you are collecting for multiple quilts (more than one kiddo) you have to send the same number of different fabrics to the people only collecting for one project.  Amy is working on three 100 wishes quilt (bless her) and I started Kai’s project before we knew about peanut, so I am just collecting for his right now.  I sent her 3 pieces of the same fabric with three wishes and she sent back three different pieces- all of which are awesome!Square115 These first two fabrics make me want to go fishing!  If I could catch a fun fish like these who wouldn’t want to try (or at least go snorkeling to look at them).  Half of the fun of going fishing is sitting back and relaxing. This second fabric highlights that very well.  Ok and I have to admit that I love the little hats on the kids.  They are all so different and yet all boy.Square116 This fabric just looks like a boy’s fabric.  It makes me want to start building race tracks in the living room and running cars down them- oh wait do I have to wait for Kai to do that? ;-)Square117

Thank you Amy for all of the awesome fabric!

Squishy 114

Wish114 Square114 This fabric came from a boy fabric swap and I love it!  One of Kai’s early baby shower presents was a pair of rain boots (thank you cousin Regan and Aunt Julie).  I can just see him stomping through mud puddles and chasing bugs.  We even had a small family of bunnies living in our backyard that he could chase after too.  This fabric is very appropriate for our little family!  Thank you Sharon!

Squishy 113

Wish113 Our kiddos will definitely be surrounded by love all their lives.  Some of that love will come from the furry little “siblings” that are already in the house.  We keep trying to guess how the dogs will react to all of the change in the house, but the truth is we will just have to wait and see.  I still think that Kai is going to be their best friend….especially when the high chair comes out.  It will be like an all you can eat buffet for two little Chihuahuas!  Square113 Thank you Nazareth for this bright and beautiful fabric!  I am going to have to recap all of the countries and states that have been incorporated into this large project.  I think it is awesome!

Kai had surgery (we think)

Well we were informed that Kai was going in for lip repair surgery- the day that we received the email!  He had been turned down by Operation Smile and Smile Train due to “lung problems” and they found a local surgeon in Beijing who agreed to perform the surgery.

I am thankful that there are surgeons that are willing to repair many different “birth defects” for our kiddos.  I am thankful to all of the people that have looked at my kiddo.  I am just nervous!  I hate being this far away while he is having the surgery and not having any input in the process.  I hate the fact that I have the burden of knowledge by the very nature of my profession (ER nurse).  We were completely willing to have the surgery done when he got home.  I am all for the funds going to a child that has not been adopted yet.

We asked for an update from CCAI on Friday and we were told that they wouldn’t know anything for probably a month and that they would let us know as soon as they know something.  This is such a frustrating process!  That means that we should get an update right before we leave for China.  Surprise- here’s your baby and, oh by the way, this is what he looks like now.

I can’t wait to go to go to China and have him in my arms and cut out the middle man in this process!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Official Letter of Acceptance

Sorry that I have been a neglectful blogger, but I have to be honest- things are crazy around here!  Not only am I pregnant x 2 (one just happens to be in China) but I work full time and I have a husband that works CRAZY hours.  Now that I am starting to get energy back……I will try to post better updates.

SO…. on Ray’s 38th birthday we received our official Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from China!  We are having the best birthdays this year!  Our letter of intent went in on my birthday and the LOA came on Ray’s birthday!  This is a huge milestone in the long process known as international adoption.

The next step is LOA #2 which is the acknowledgment that the governments have received all of the immigration paperwork and that the US Consulate in Guangzhou is ready for us to come pick Kai up!  The timeline has been running approx one month after the LOA is received by China.  This gives us about another 2 weeks before LOA #2. 

From there we wait for our Travel Approval (TA).  This is our invitation from China to come and pick Kai up!  Typically travel happens 2 weeks after TA arrives. 

Once TA arrives the last official step before we can buy plane tickets is the Consulate Appointment (CA).  That usually arrives a couple days after TA and once it is in place….we can buy our tickets to China!

If that sounds like a lot- just be glad you caught on at this point.  One day I will have to recap all of the steps and it really can make a head spin!  Just be glad that you got to read my rants instead of having to live this crazy madness.  Although I have to admit that I never really looked at the whole picture at once.  I had to take the whole thing in little chunks.  It has been all about my check lists and having ones that I could complete.  One baby step at a time.

With all of the baby steps here we are!  We are so close to coming to get you Kai and I can’t wait!  Mommy and Daddy are coming!!!!!!!!!

Hu Jian Lun July 29 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Squishy 112

I love this wish because it is so very true!  We are a family that will be linked by so much more than blood.  We get to love our child because he is a source of joy and light that is beyond words.  We get to love Kai because we made a choice.  We decided to grow our family by love when we were unable to grow our family by the “normal” means.

Adoption really is a beautiful choice and it doesn’t have to be a “second choice” or “last option”.  There are so many beautiful children out there that need a home and parents to love them- for whatever reason.  I have to admit that we felt a strong calling to adopt.  That decision and all of the ones after it have absolutely changed my life for the better.  Even with this crummy wait- I know that when I hold Kai in my arms- all the time will disappear! 

Thank you Lidanette for this beautiful wish!Wish112Square112

Squishy 111

This square came all the way from New Jersey from Kai’s “extended family” Karen, Billy, Ryan and Tim Devine.  These guys really are our second family!  Thank you very much for sending this awesome fabric Karen!  I am sure that Billy helped pick it out.

I can’t wait for our boys (and peanut) to play together at Disney World!  We have to start planning for next summer!Square111  We are still trying for a last minute October trip, but it all depends on Ray’s job.

Miss you tons!

Squishy 110

Wish110 front Wish110 inside Square110

What little man doesn’t love a little Tinkerbell?  My little man will be so in love with all of the princesses, and why shouldn’t he be?  They are all little hotties ;-)

Thank you Lisa for sending this beautiful fabric!  I am very partial to Tink myself.  This project is really shaping up nicely!  I have even started cutting and arranging fabric to see what it might look like.  It is getting very exciting!  Can’t wait to share the finished project (after I catch up on my squishy posts).

Squishy 109

Square109 Wish109

I was so very excited to open up this particular squishy!  I LOVE THE DOGS!!!  It is too perfect.  Kai has two furry sisters here waiting for him (that will get a huge awakening to two new kiddos).  Thank you so very much Lisette!