Saturday, May 30, 2009

Squishy 71

I am proud to be an American!  I am proud to have friends that serve actively in the military.  I know what sacrifices have taken place in order for me to have the freedoms and privileges that I enjoy.  I still get weepy when the national anthem is played.  When I went to Arlington Cemetery- I cried.

My child will be an American when their little feet touch down on US soil. All of this paperwork serves a great purpose and I will gladly plug away at all of it.  I am happy to be able to check things off of the list on a daily basis.

Thank you Becky D. Wish71 Square71

Squishy 70

Wish70 This fabric is so very bright and fun!  It makes me want to have a tea party or a picnic or both!  It actually reminds me of playing tea party with my niece Regan.  I miss my little sweetie!

Thank you Lynn!  I can’t wait until I can see bits of myself in my little one!Square70

Squishy 69

This wish and fabric are from the shabby chic swap- better late than never ;-)

Just kidding- this is especially sweet fabric.  Very soft and child appropriate. I just hope that I don’t remember all of the days during this waiting game!

Thank you Trina!Wish69 back Wish69 front Square69

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Squishy 68

Cassidy is the daughter of one of our Disney friends and I can’t say enough about her wish.  The fabric is fun, but the wish is the best part.  I have to tell you that I will cherish this wish!

Our child will be our star, sun, moon, and pretty much everything.  We wish to be all of that for our child in return.  Thank you for your beautiful wish Cassidy!Square68 Wish68

Squishy 67

Square67 More from the Disney swap and I love it!  (Seriously the whole quilt could be Disney and I would love it)  We all are ready to fly away on happy thoughts- I just want my destination to be China.

Thank you Robin!  Tink is one of my favorites.Wish67

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today Stinks!

So the saga of the home study continues.  We finally had our case worker come out for our home study April 29th.  So we were thinking that we were moving in the right direction and I guess we were, but today we got an email from CCAI asking if we sent the home study guide to our case worker before she came for the home study.  KNOWING that I sent the packet- I knew that this could not be good news.  The fact that my home study was completed April 29th and I was just now getting feedback from my adoption agency should be a clue of how bad this is.  The fact that we submitted our payment and contract to our home study agency February 14th and I am JUST NOW getting feedback should tell you how bad my day is.  There were approximately 3 pages of revisions on an 8 page document!

After I calmed down from receiving this terrible email- I finally called the supervisor.  I know- I know- I should have made this phone call before today and in hind sight, I really should have.  I had no rush.  I had no reason to pester other than having the paperwork ready to go on my birthday.  Now this is getting ridiculous!  It is almost JUNE!

The phone call with the supervisor went really well.  She communicated efficiently and summed up our conversation with a plan for resolution.  She apologized for all of the delays, lack of communication, and all of the other problems that we have encountered thus far in our process with them.  I told her that I will NOT have this case worker on my follow up visits once we return home from China.  She agreed to assign a new case worker and to apply some “gentle pressure” on her through the remainder of our process.  I actually felt like I made some progress by the time we concluded our conversation.

AND THEN- I got a call from my case worker- after hours mind you, so  I am sure she spoke with her supervisor before the call.  She was obstinate.  She told me that my adoption agency was too picky and that she MIGHT have my revisions by Saturday.  I LOST IT!  My vocabulary became smaller, my blood pressure and heart rate went through the roof, and I LOST IT!  I did not let any obscenities out though on the positive side- because I have to find a positive side.

I could have slept tonight without her calling.  I felt good after talking with the supervisor.  Through this whole process she has not felt the need to communicate so why tonight?  I’ll tell you why.  Because I called her supervisor and made her become accountable her her actions- or lack thereof.

Today stinks!

Squishy 66

Wish66 When I was growing up, I played little league soccer.  My parents love to tell the stories of the younger children stopping to pick flowers and talk instead of “play soccer”.  When I read this quote and wish- that is exactly what I thought of.  When we were little, before we realized rules to the game and competitive nature- we all had the opportunity to just stop and smell the flowers.  I know that I don’t do it anymore.  Why not?  Well right now because I am getting a dossier together,smile_confused but I am going to make that my goal for the day today. 

Lets all stop and smell the flowers!

Thank you Reena!


Squishy 65

This fabric and wish from Tracy was from the shabby chic swap.  It is very fun with a paisley infusion.  The rose on the fabric remind me of my roses that are now in bloom.  They are gorgeous (if I could just stop sneezing smile_yawn  Thank you Tracy! Wish65 Square65

Squishy 64

Wish64 This fabric is AMAZING!  (seriously I would buy a whole bolt of it ;) I know that I have said that other fabrics are my favorite, but I have to admit that this one made me stop everything when I opened the envelope.  It is definitely in the top three -if not my favorite!  The combination of the red, black and gold with the Panda infused is just awesome.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Marsha!Square64

Squishy 63

Square63 This wish and fabric are my Small World contribution in sticking with the Disney theme.  I would say that it is absolutely appropriate!  I love all of the little faces.  Thank you Deb!Wish63

Friday, May 15, 2009

Squishy 62

Wish62 This Asian fabric is gorgeous!  I love how the black and white background is obvious and yet subdued behind the scrolling red.  I love it!  Thank you Vicki!Square62

Squishy 61

Wish61 This fabric also falls into the realm of Disney “themed” fabric.  This piece is related to “The Rescuers”.  The dragonfly played a large roll in the movie and now will play a roll in our little one’s quilt!  Thanks Jennifer!Square61

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Squishy 60

The Disney themed swap left some room for interpretation.  If you found a fabric that you were able to make fit into the theme of a Disney movie- that could also count.  This fabric is in the spirit of Aristocats.  I guess that I will have to be careful on where I place the bulldog fabric from Mason and the cat fabric from Jennifer H. (ha ha) I might have to watch where I place Mike’s fish fabric too. smile_winkWish60 Square60

Squishy 59

Wish59 Square59 Tonight Ray and I went to see The Lion King- Broadway Musical production.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  The costuming, vocal talent, and visual effects were phenomenal!  To anyone debating on going to see this production when it comes to a city near you- it is a MUST SEE!

This fabric defiantly arrived at the right time!  Don’t get me wrong, there is no wrong time for Disney fabric ;-)  Thank you to Jennifer H. for this awesome fabric.  It is perfect!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not my favorite day.  Ray and I have been married for 7 years.  Next month I will turn 30.  This whole becoming a mother thing was not supposed to be so difficult.  You come off birth control and voila- your pregnant.  Not so much for us.  I had a little melt down.  I was supposed to be a mother by 30 but instead I am waiting ever so patiently (not really) for my 30th birthday to arrive so that my paperwork can go to China.  So that I can ask about profiles and look at pictures again.

A friend at work told me that her music minister was especially sensitive to this very important group of women on Mother’s Day.  He and his wife had had lots of trials with pregnancy (multiple miscarriages) before becoming parents.  He recounted to the congregation the many Mother’s Days that were tear filled and full of grief.  He sent out a special prayer and call for prayer for all of those that Mother’s Day was hard for.  That is what I want this post to reflect.

I love my mother and my sisters who are mothers.  I love the fact that I WILL be a mother someday.  All I know is that for right now- my arms are empty and my heart aches.  Please pray for and remember all of us women whom Mother’s Day is difficult for.   

Squishy 58

This beyond fabulous fabric was sent to us from a friend of mine from nursing school.  I completed nursing school in Houston Texas.  April decided that it would be the perfect contribution to represent the Texas heritage.  I really do have to agree!

April I hope that you know how much I appreciated all of your encouragement and support while we were going through school, and now you continue to be a great friend even with distance and time.  Thank you for being such a beautiful person! Wish58_01 Wish58_2 Square58

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This week in review

This week I was able to meet with the Fresh Water ladies again, and I will never be able to explain how valuable the new found friendships in this group have already been and will continue to be.  This week there were just two other ladies when I arrived at Panera.  Another lady joined us about an hour into the get together.  We had a great discussion about CCAI and why we chose them as an agency, and all of the fun that we will have once we go to China. 

After my culture shock from visiting China town, it was a relief to know that I really am worrying over nothing.  We will have a guide with us all of the time and if our friend Diana goes with us we will have a friend that speaks Mandarin fluently.  I did get the funny feeling that I will be sent with a shopping list when we go though;-) I was told that the only regret that both women had on their first trip was that they didn’t buy enough- a fact that was remedied by both women on their next trip. 

One idea that was talked about that I love is the idea of buying a present to give to our child every year either on their birthday or gotcha day.  Nothing big- a little trinket.  One of the ladies got a jade key chain for her child’s 16th birthday. I think that this is awesome!  Embracing their heritage and culture but in a way that works for us.

We also talked about the little girl that was on the CCAI website and the heart break from my experience.  Each of the women had experienced similar things (not for the same reason) and said that in hind sight it helped to prepare them for meeting their child.  I hope that is the case, however, her profile is still on the website.  I CAN’T wait to be 30!  How often do you hear that?

I really need to start a notebook for all of this great advice and suggestions.  With the wait that we are preparing for I may have forgotten everything that they have passed on.  The stress from this part of the process is enough to make me feel like I have lost my brain most days.  I am so glad that my husband is so understanding!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Squishy 57

Square57 I am getting ever so close to the goal of 100 wishes.  It is amazing to think that I really didn’t start collecting wishes and fabric that long ago.  I really can’t wait to see how this will all come together.  Today I tried to find a favorite in the fabric and I just can’t.  Everything that has been sent has a meaning.  The ones from family of course carry that sentiment.  The ones from swaps are awesome because of the meaning behind them.  Every piece will be placed methodically and prominently.  Thank you Joy for the beautiful Asian fabric! Wish57

Squishy 56

Square56 I LOVE this fabric!  I had just spotted it myself last week at the fabric store.  I was trying to make it work with my current project for the safari themed baby’s room, but it just wouldn’t work (will post pics when I get the top pieced).  It is perfect though for the eclectic 100 wishes quilt!  I am loving that others are able to virtually read my mind and send the very fabric that I have been coveting.  Karen M. you will have to let me know your mind reading trick ;-)  Thanks a ton!Wish56

Squishy 55

I am so excited that our child will be a Disney holic like us.  With going to the parks as much as we do (an average of one park every three months) there is no way to get around this fact.  (Boy are we in trouble if they really don’t like Disney)  No matter the gender of our child- they will have a deep appreciation for all of the characters- princesses included!  This Disney swap is just what I needed to make sure the quilt will adequately reflect our family.  Thank you Nazareth for your beautiful contribution!

As a BTW- we are hoping that Hong Kong is our port city so that our first family vacation can be at Hong Kong Disneyland.  How awesome would that be for our child’s first set of ears to be from Hong Kong!Wish55 Square55

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Squishy 54

Fun flowers and a deep rich burgundy background jump out of this fun fabric.  I need this wish sent in my direction.  While this paper chasing mess is still in process, I need to be reminded to just be me.  It is too easy to get caught up in the check lists and paperwork and lose sight of what this is really about.  Thank you Tricia for another piece of gorgeous fabric, and the all too perfect wish.Wish54 Square54

Squishy 53

This squishy is part of the Disney swap.  My husband LOVES this one!  On his blog he writes under Grumpwurst at Grumpy’s hollow (any guess what his favorite character is?)  He has more Grumpy T-shirts than I can count. Wish53 Thank you Brenda! I am sure that this piece of fabric will find a prominent place in the quilt!Square53

Squishy 52

This fabric reminds me of party hats!  What better way to have a celebration than to include party hats!  I love it!  Thank you Valerie. This one comes to us via France.  Now if I could only read French ;-)Square52 Wish52 back Wish52 front

Squishy 51

Square51 How fun is this fabric!  I used this very fabric in a project for my nephew Collin and my almost nephew Billy (my only 2 of a kind project).  I love the fact that I am able to use it in the 100 wish quilt now.  Would it be bad of me to send fabric to someone just so they can send it back to me so I can include it in this project? ;-)

This fabric is also from a Puerto Rico so that makes it even more special!  Thank you Lidanette!Wish51