Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kai’s Safari Quilt

I finally finished Kai’s safari quilt today!  I started this one before we were matched, and I am so excited to have it finished!  It turned out AWESOME!  I can almost let the pictures speak for themselves!


KaiQuilt_20090729_0003_Safari KaiQuilt_20090729_0004_Safari





The front





The backKaiQuilt_20090729_0005_SafariAll of the animal fabric is mom and baby!  I fell in love with it the first time I spotted it.  The quilt has a LOT of busy patterns, but I think that they work together! I think that the black throughout was enough to pull it all together.  This one is definitely big enough for his bed for quite some time.  I am sure that he will love it!  Now IMG_2220 I just have to find time to get the 100 wishes quilt underway.  Thank you to every one who has contributed.  I still have a few posts to get up- I’m sorry that I am so far behind, but I will catch up.

IMG_2221 IMG_2222

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Squishy 107-108

April's note

April I am so sorry that is has taken me so long to post your squishies!!!!  It has been a tough transition for me since we found out about Bao Bao (the baby).  I will be so glad when the first trimester is over.  Basically picture how tired you feel after getting up for rope drop every day and going strong all day until fireworks- then make it day number 8 on your trip after doing that every day.

THAT is how I feel after walking across the house!  “Little one” takes a lot of energy to grow!  I never would have believed it without experiencing it myself.  With the other pregnancy side effects I am just drained ALL of the time.  BUT on the bright side- I am told that it gets better after the first trimester.

Wish107  Square107 Now on to your fabric!  I know that you noticed me admiring your bag and now I get to use the fabric for Kai’s quilt.  I love it!  I do think that the pledge part of the wish is unique to all of the squishies.

Wish108 Square108

And the bonus squishy from Gryffin is absolutely unique!  We sent a picture of the dogs in his care package flip book so that he will know that he has little dogs waiting for him at home. (And sorry Gryfin- the current babies are dogs- we still love you though ;-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a difference a week can make!

I have not said “Holy Cow” more in a few days than I have this week!  Let me catch those up that are a little behind.  We are not supposed to be able to get pregnant!  We were told by multiple specialists that it was impossible for us to get pregnant so we came off of all interventions……..and here we are!

My favorite part was telling the fertility specialist when he was doing the ultrasound that HE WAS WRONG!

He very sweetly told me “Honey, I am just fine being wrong about this one.”

We are due March 10th!  I really hope that China hurries with the paperwork.  I am cleared to travel through 28 weeks which clears us through mid December.  That should put us in the range for the average timeline right now.  I can’t even imagine not traveling to China for my little (big brother!!!!) guy.

I am still in shock that Kai is going to be a big brother so soon!  SURPRISE!!!

As a side note…. My husband made a sweet statement yesterday- baby #2 was present for Kai’s baby shower!  He is so excited and I think he is starting to get over some of the shock. I am not sure I am quite over the shock- but the nausea and other not so fun symptoms are trying to pull me out of the shock!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Life is Anything but Boring

Well, it appears that we are pregnant!!!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Squishy 104-106


Ray'’s mom had fun going shopping for fabric for this project.  She couldn’t decide on one and with so much beautiful fabric- why should she.  The puppy fabric has the little Chihuahua on it that reminded her of our little Belle.Square105

The hot air balloons are just fun and screams fun, vibrant, and happy!


This fabric is specifically Chinese which is hard to find.  Most of the Asian fabric is Japanese.  I love the little characters!  I already have a couple of different cuts from this piece ready for the quilt!  It will get a couple of prominent locations.

Thanks Mom!

A funny story

Now that I can talk about our little guy I am trying to remember all of the stories I have jotted in my journal.  This one is one of my favorites.

My niece Regan (5 yrs old) is beyond excited about her new cousin Kai.  She knows that he is not here and knows that he currently lives in China.  She now even has a little bit of a China obsession (prays for the Chinese people regularly and says loudly in public areas how much she love the “China people”)  She even wants to have matching things for her and Kai- parasols, silk outfits… (I think she was disappointed that Kai was a boy)

My sister and I were talking on the phone right after I was informed that Kai was turned down for lip repair surgery due to another bout of aspiration pneumonia (the third round).  Regan could tell that something was wrong even though she wasn’t sure what aspiration meant.  Julie explained that Kai was sick and that he needed to get better to get his lip fixed.

Regan asked Julie if she could call Kai and sing him a song because that would make him feel better.  She explained that wasn’t going to be possible.  Regan then asked if she could send him a video of her singing.  Still not an option.  So they decided to write a song down for Kai.  As Regan was writing Kai “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (her version of course) she asked where specifically Kai lived.  Julie told Regan that Kai lived in a village in China.  Regan then had Julie spell out V-I-L-L-A-G-E and C-H-I-N-A and promptly put it outside for the mailman to take to Kai in China.  When Julie retrieved the letter before the mailman arrived it had in large letters on the envelope- Kai, Village in China in “perfect” 5 year old handwriting.

She was determined that her special song would heal him.  I can’t wait to get him home to test the theory!

If you didn’t save that letter Julie you are in trouble smile_wink

God knows me

The day before the PA arrived was a tough day for me.  We were on day 8 with no word.  We had been holding this enormous secret for SOOOOO long and I was just exhausted.  I was ready for the burden to be lifted.  No word.

That afternoon I called CCAI to talk to them about their medical mission trips and how I might best serve- if they could even use me (ER nurse).  I was transferred to Xiao (yes I love the name) in that area to discuss specifics since she was the one to talk to.

We started talking about the Lilly Orphan Care Center and the different ways that medical personnel are used.  For this specific area it sounds like more of a consulting role- teaching the staff what to look for, how to use tylenol and motrin appropriately, when to take the babies for further evaluation etc.  I explained to Xiao that I was indeed interested in going to the Lilly Orphan Care Center because my son started out there.

I was not expecting anything that followed!

She asked me what my son’s Chinese name was.  When I told her, her response was, “Oh yah, I know your son!  I took him to the New Hope foster home myself.  He was with me from LouHe to Beijing.  As a matter of fact I just got back last week from over there and I saw him.  He is getting fat and happy. He isn’t the same baby.”

Through the tears I thanked her for all that she does and told her that I was sure that we would be talking again soon about the project.  Honestly the rest of the conversation was a bit of a blur.  I was too busy reaching for tissue.

The next day our PA and 797C arrived in the mail.

God knows me personally and is taking care of me through this emotionally tough time.  I called to forget myself and my troubles by planning a medical mission trip- forget yourself in the service of others.  I know he was looking out for me- especially on my hard day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Squishy 103


Karen and went to the great little fabric store in Houston together for this piece of fabric.  I had scoped it out the day before with Louann so I had a pretty good idea where to help Karen find what she was looking for. 

There were a couple possibilities until Karen spotted this one.  The gold is a metallic shiny gold on the tie dyed blue and purple background.  It is a great representation of Karen’s personality and will make a great contribution to Kai’s quilt.

Thank you Aunt Karen!  smile_teeth

Squishy 102


I was able to go shopping with Louann for this fabric and we had a great time.  I was sifting through all of the Asian fabric at this great little fabric store in Houston, and Louann comes around the corner to let me know that she had already found the perfect fabric for her.  I AGREE!

I love the multicultural fabric with all of the different faces and bright colors!  Thank you Louann for the fabric, your friendship, and all of your support! (OK- tell Steve thank you too)

Squishy 101

More Asian inspired fabric and I love it!  I just have to hope that this is not what to expect when we go to the tourist sights- that is one long line ;-)

Thank you for the beautiful fabric Marsha!

 Square101 Wish101

Monday, July 6, 2009

The first baby shower!

 IMG_2417 Disneyland_20090623_2242_Day05 My sisters and mother surprised Ray and I with our first baby shower while we were in California celebrating my birthday.  It was AWESOME!  Kai seriously made off like a bandit! (I’m glad I brought that extra suitcase!)smile_wink

The big K hanging over the crib is his super Kai cape courtesy of Aunt JulieJulie was also thoughtful to include a Daddy to be present of Disney books that even included Scrooge McDuck!  The big party planning was orchestrated by Julie and I am so very grateful!  You are such a thoughtful person!Disneyland_20090623_2156_Day05

My mom almost single handedly cleared out a department store that was going out of business!  He has all kinds of clothes to help outfit him through 2T. I have a feeling that with how little he is, those will last us for a while.  Thanks a TON!!!!  The pre-done scrapbook was also a favorite gift from mom.  She has every major event covered in his first year home including a surgery page!  I can’t wait to fill those pages up!  IMG_2419 Aunt Karen got Kai his first safari blanket for his room.  It is so very soft!  It may actually be the one to make it on the plane to cuddle Kai during all of the travel!  I am so appreciative of the fact that you were able to come to the celebration in California!  I loved having you there!IMG_2421



Aunt Michelle provided some Mickey Mouse fun to the baby shower!  The adorable Mickey towel with a hood that has Mickey ears will be a BIG hit in our house.  I am sure that the cuddly will also make a big hit.  It was nice to have all of us girls together for such an awesome reason!IMG_2418

Disneyland_20090623_2226_Day05 Regan is not to be forgotten in this post by far!  How could I forget the hula girl entertainer of the party! smile_teeth She had to make sure that she was the first one to give Kai his first pair of rain boots and first alligator plushy.  Thank you Regan for being a great cousin already!

Collin was able to keep himself fully entertained for all of the girly laughing and present giving.  Thanks for keeping Uncle Ray company.


We had a blast!  Thank you for all that you do!  We can’t wait to have Kai home and for all of you guys to get to meet him!

Our first care package

IMG_2432 Today I was able to send Kai his first care package!  It was a great feeling knowing that he will soon be able to see what we look like and know that he has parents!  I know that his understanding will be limited, but it provides a great deal of relief to be able to send him his own belongings. I know that he is being well cared for and I can see it in the updates on the foster home website(  I guess the Momma in me is starting to come out.  I just need to know that he has clothes, toys, and stuff that is HIS.  (I have this strange need to make sure that he has socks and shoes too- I have no idea where that is coming from)  We did send him some goldfish crackers for him to share with his friends and a little something for the caretakers.



The M&M’s are for the caretakers.  American chocolate is a big hit in China but since it is so hot outside this was the best way to get chocolate there- melts in your mouth right.


I love the fact that he can wear “American” clothes.  No split pants in sight on the website!  That opened up the door for this Momma to help outfit my little guy!  Thanks for the overall outfit from Mom.  It will make it’s debut in China!  IMG_2434

The disposable cameras are a must.  I want to know what all of his friends look like.  Who are his caretakers?  What does he do with his time during the day?  Where does he sleep?  I have so many questions about his life right now.  Hopefully I will get a little glimpse from these little cameras.IMG_2435  I am so excited to be a Mom finally!  I am ready to have my little guy home in my arms!  This is the best connection that I can have for now- so it will have to do.  Ray has limited me to one care package a month until travel due to the cost to mail, but it is a great piece of mind for me.


I kind of had to stretch out this post due to the fact that Matt and Sharon mentioned Kai in their wish, but we made it to 100!  The 49 days from referral and PA were the hardest days!  I was so afraid of accidentally slipping and saying something that I wasn’t supposed to, but now, as Ray put it, our mouths are unbound!

Thank you Matt and Sharon for your wish and fabric but also for all of the support!  Congrats on your new little bundle as well! Wish100 Square100

Squishy 99

This fabric reminds me of the fun rainbows that are produced from prisms.  When I was with my sister at the Children’s Inn at the NIH facility in Bethesda, they have a window full of prisms that cast rainbows all over the room while the sun is shining.  We loved going into this room to point out all of the colors.  It was a great relaxation and quiet room.

Thank you Bridget!  Square99 Wish99

Squishy 98

This fabric will be harder to place for my little guys quilt but I am looking forward to the challenge!  All little one laugh and play hopscotch though right ;) Thank you Sindy!Wish98 Square98

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hu Jian Lun 2  We got the all important email this morning- we have our pre-approval from China for our son Hu  Jian Lun- whom we will call Kai Jian Lun.  We originally received our referral May 13th but were unable to submit LOI until my 30th birthday on June 22nd- and I have to say that may be a birthday that will never be topped. Today we got the approval to talk about our son and post pictures, so here he is!!!!!

He was born May 11, 2008 at a very little size (they are guessing premature but because of the cleft lip and palate it is hard to tell- could have been extreme malnourishment).  On May 12, 2009 he was only 13 pounds and 24 inches long- at 12 months!  He is a really little guy, but they have been working on getting him fattened up for surgery :)  His first pictures were just sad- now he is just full of life and his eyes just dance!Hu Jian Lun May 09

Now that I can actually talk about the events of the last 49 days (that was killing us by the way) my posts might make more sense.  We expect news of the 797 any day now and that is the last step before the dossier can go to China!  Then we will be on the hunt for a few more A’s (LOA, LOA #2, TA, CA).

There has been a lot of journal writing since the referral since I was unable to post anything.  I am hoping to translate them for blog posts soon so that you can feel the excitement with us!  We have had an amazing (and frustrating) 49 days since the referral. I am hoping that the next dew months can go faster- especially since I can tap into a bigger support network now.

There will be many more posts to come!  Right now I just need to shout it- WE HAVE A SON!!!!!