Monday, November 9, 2009

We got TA!!!!!

Our travel approval (TA) arrived today!  We will tentatively be traveling to China NEXT WEDNESDAY (the 18th) if we can get a consulate appointment (CA) confirmed in the next couple of days!  I am bouncing off of the walls right now with excitement! Can this really be happening?  Are our dreams really coming true?  YES and YES!

We are so close to getting on that plane so that we can finally HOLD our little guy.  No more just staring at a picture.  Very soon we will have the REAL THING and I can’t wait!!!!!!!

For those of you that have not seen your fabric and wish posted…. it will come.  I have the top pieced but at this point I might in fact have lost my brain.  I am having a hard time putting words together let alone the rest of the quilt.  Don’t worry it will get done.  I think that you guys are WAY more interested in seeing Kai than the finished top anyway.  Am I right?


trina said...

I'm sooooo happy for you!! Just one more week!! Can't wait.

Carrie said...


Pat said...

How wonderful!! Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers, for safe and speedy travel. Soon you'll be holding your dreams in your arms!!