Monday, July 6, 2009

Our first care package

IMG_2432 Today I was able to send Kai his first care package!  It was a great feeling knowing that he will soon be able to see what we look like and know that he has parents!  I know that his understanding will be limited, but it provides a great deal of relief to be able to send him his own belongings. I know that he is being well cared for and I can see it in the updates on the foster home website(  I guess the Momma in me is starting to come out.  I just need to know that he has clothes, toys, and stuff that is HIS.  (I have this strange need to make sure that he has socks and shoes too- I have no idea where that is coming from)  We did send him some goldfish crackers for him to share with his friends and a little something for the caretakers.



The M&M’s are for the caretakers.  American chocolate is a big hit in China but since it is so hot outside this was the best way to get chocolate there- melts in your mouth right.


I love the fact that he can wear “American” clothes.  No split pants in sight on the website!  That opened up the door for this Momma to help outfit my little guy!  Thanks for the overall outfit from Mom.  It will make it’s debut in China!  IMG_2434

The disposable cameras are a must.  I want to know what all of his friends look like.  Who are his caretakers?  What does he do with his time during the day?  Where does he sleep?  I have so many questions about his life right now.  Hopefully I will get a little glimpse from these little cameras.IMG_2435  I am so excited to be a Mom finally!  I am ready to have my little guy home in my arms!  This is the best connection that I can have for now- so it will have to do.  Ray has limited me to one care package a month until travel due to the cost to mail, but it is a great piece of mind for me.


Princess Fee said...

Am so excited for you both and think that the care package is such a lovely thing to send over to your wee boy. And the disposable cameras are a great idea as well! :)

Presley family said...

I am soooo excited for you that you finally got to put this package in the mail! I cant wait to see all of the pictures you get back!!!!!!

Poppie said...

It was wonderful getting together and having this time to spoil you a little bit. NOW, maybe you know how much we all really love you!
;0) Can't wait to see more pictures...until we can see the real thing! Love you lots and lots!

Steve & Michelle said...

Nancy, this brings tears to my eyes, as I picture little Kai looking at the photo album you sent of you and Ray...his mommy and daddy! I am so proud of you and the opportunity you have created for yourselves. What a blessing this little boy already is in our family. Love you!