Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Squishy 107-108

April's note

April I am so sorry that is has taken me so long to post your squishies!!!!  It has been a tough transition for me since we found out about Bao Bao (the baby).  I will be so glad when the first trimester is over.  Basically picture how tired you feel after getting up for rope drop every day and going strong all day until fireworks- then make it day number 8 on your trip after doing that every day.

THAT is how I feel after walking across the house!  “Little one” takes a lot of energy to grow!  I never would have believed it without experiencing it myself.  With the other pregnancy side effects I am just drained ALL of the time.  BUT on the bright side- I am told that it gets better after the first trimester.

Wish107  Square107 Now on to your fabric!  I know that you noticed me admiring your bag and now I get to use the fabric for Kai’s quilt.  I love it!  I do think that the pledge part of the wish is unique to all of the squishies.

Wish108 Square108

And the bonus squishy from Gryffin is absolutely unique!  We sent a picture of the dogs in his care package flip book so that he will know that he has little dogs waiting for him at home. (And sorry Gryfin- the current babies are dogs- we still love you though ;-)

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