Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Squishy 103


Karen and went to the great little fabric store in Houston together for this piece of fabric.  I had scoped it out the day before with Louann so I had a pretty good idea where to help Karen find what she was looking for. 

There were a couple possibilities until Karen spotted this one.  The gold is a metallic shiny gold on the tie dyed blue and purple background.  It is a great representation of Karen’s personality and will make a great contribution to Kai’s quilt.

Thank you Aunt Karen!  smile_teeth

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Anonymous said...

I really love this idea of the quilt you are making for Kai. I have a friend who anticipates adopting from Columbia. They are a few steps behind you in the process and do not even know if/what/how many children they will be permitted to adopt. They are hoping to adopt 2 or 3 siblings when they are through with the "approval" process. In the meantime, she has already started plan quilts for these children that she trusts will come. It is a beautiful gesture that will become a precious heirloom.