Monday, July 6, 2009

The first baby shower!

 IMG_2417 Disneyland_20090623_2242_Day05 My sisters and mother surprised Ray and I with our first baby shower while we were in California celebrating my birthday.  It was AWESOME!  Kai seriously made off like a bandit! (I’m glad I brought that extra suitcase!)smile_wink

The big K hanging over the crib is his super Kai cape courtesy of Aunt JulieJulie was also thoughtful to include a Daddy to be present of Disney books that even included Scrooge McDuck!  The big party planning was orchestrated by Julie and I am so very grateful!  You are such a thoughtful person!Disneyland_20090623_2156_Day05

My mom almost single handedly cleared out a department store that was going out of business!  He has all kinds of clothes to help outfit him through 2T. I have a feeling that with how little he is, those will last us for a while.  Thanks a TON!!!!  The pre-done scrapbook was also a favorite gift from mom.  She has every major event covered in his first year home including a surgery page!  I can’t wait to fill those pages up!  IMG_2419 Aunt Karen got Kai his first safari blanket for his room.  It is so very soft!  It may actually be the one to make it on the plane to cuddle Kai during all of the travel!  I am so appreciative of the fact that you were able to come to the celebration in California!  I loved having you there!IMG_2421



Aunt Michelle provided some Mickey Mouse fun to the baby shower!  The adorable Mickey towel with a hood that has Mickey ears will be a BIG hit in our house.  I am sure that the cuddly will also make a big hit.  It was nice to have all of us girls together for such an awesome reason!IMG_2418

Disneyland_20090623_2226_Day05 Regan is not to be forgotten in this post by far!  How could I forget the hula girl entertainer of the party! smile_teeth She had to make sure that she was the first one to give Kai his first pair of rain boots and first alligator plushy.  Thank you Regan for being a great cousin already!

Collin was able to keep himself fully entertained for all of the girly laughing and present giving.  Thanks for keeping Uncle Ray company.


We had a blast!  Thank you for all that you do!  We can’t wait to have Kai home and for all of you guys to get to meet him!

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Presley family said...

It was our pleasure!!!! I am just grateful that we were able to do something for him. I know with Collin I will not be able to travel for a shower in OK. LOVE YOU!!!!!