Friday, April 3, 2009

Squishy #22

Jennifer (from Those Darn Cats) sent this fun piece of fabric.  I must say that I am kinda partial to Tink!  I am really feeling all of the overwhelming support of my friends and family today.  Thank you to everyone that has contributed!  Jennifer I am so thankful that your positive energy will be included in this project. 

Our child will know that he/she comes into a world were skin color, nationality, and looking like everyone else are traits not related to the true character of a person.  He/She will come into a home of unconditional love regardless of gender or special need.  I know this is not something that I could say if our future child stayed in China.  It may have been part of the reason that our child will come to live with us- because they were abandoned for one of those simple reasons, but in our home- none of that will matter.

I definitely am feeling the pixie dust today Jennifer!  Thanks!   Square22  Wish22

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sambycat said...

so proud cat#1 sent cool fabric!!! :)