Thursday, April 23, 2009

Squishies #41-47

Today I received a big surprise.  My sister Michelle collected a few wishes from her class to send to Xiao Hai.  They have been following the blog in class and the kiddos love looking at all of the squishies.  MichelleClassNoteThey decided that they also wanted to send love to the future baby.  I was indeed touched by the heartfelt and unique wishes.  Some of the wishes included art work and one of the wishes even included some Chinese characters. 

The wish from Kevin is special because of the cultural connection that is shared with his family and our soon-to-be child.  This particular squishy fabric was from clothing like the original Bai Jia Bei’s.  Michelle (Mrs. Anthony) told me that Kevin even tried to teach her how to pronounce Xiao Hai correctly when I started this blog. 


Tommy wants the baby to be a chess player like he is.  That is a definite possibility. The country fabric that accompanies this wish is full of love (as evidenced by the beautiful red hearts).  I know that the baby will feel that love every time he/she cuddles up snug as a bug in a rug in this quilt!    


Karlee sent a piece of one of my favorite types of fabric!  I love the bumpy texture combined with the soft chenille feel.  There will be several different textures to explore.  I do have to tell you that we have picked out possible names for Xiao Hai and the girls name is Kylee.  So very close to your name!  I know that we will have a wonderful life with our baby and I am grateful for you wish! 



Mackenzie- the fabric that you picked out is so fun and colorful!  The blue looks like water and bubbles.  It could be an ocean (like the one that we will have to fly over to get Xiao Hai) or a blue fizzy soda.  You get to use your imagination and make it whatever you want! 


The purple fabric has fun circles and other shapes.  This fabric will allow us to teach the baby about shapes and colors.


Wish43-44_0001Sanjana’s squishies are unique because her parents also included a fabric and a wish to accompany Sanjana’s.  The pink butterflies and purple flowers are bright and fun.  It makes me feel warm and happy just to look at them! 

The purple fabric has a fun texture to it as well.  I am sure that this texture will also be a favorite touch spot on the quilt.  We also wish that our baby will be able to join our family soon so that we can start having fun with him/her. Square44


Thank you to Michelle and her class!  It was a much needed happy surprise today!  I do indeed feel all of the love and support that you guys sent my way.   

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Steve & Michelle said...

The kids loved reading your blog in class! It was fun for them to see their fabric and letters posted with your sweet comments. Thanks for sharing this neat experience with us.

Poppie said...

What a wonderful sister you have!