Friday, April 3, 2009

Squishies 16-21


Today I received a package from my oldest sister and her family.  All of the family, the four kids plus Mike and Michelle, were allowed to pick whatever fabric they felt would represent them in the 100 wishes quilt.  Yes, there are some eclectic fabric choices in the mix and I LOVE IT!  (I was surprised that Mike’s wasn’t based on french fries though…wink) 


My sister Michelle is in early education as a third grade teacher.  Her wish for our little one to be is very fitting.  I am not at all surprised that her wish involves “leaping” into learning and is depicted by the frogs.

Mike, my bother-in-law, decided that he was best depicted by fish.  Again- really not a surprise (other than the french fry thing).  He loves to go fishing and hunting and wants the little one to enjoy and appreciate the nature around us.Square16

Mitchell (the oldest of all the nieces and nephews) wanted to find fabric that included sports but was unable to find just the right fabric so he went with his favorite color- which by the way is also my favorite color.  He shares the wish with us that our child will be active, healthy, and strong.Square18

Meagan is my budding musician in her family.  She plays the clarinet, and I knew as soon as I glanced at the musical notes on the fabric that it MUST be from MY Meagan.  (You know that you got your musical talent from me and Poppie right?) Her wish is about musical appreciation. Square19

McKenna is my budding socialite.  She enjoys being with friends and being in the spotlight.  Recently she was a part of her school’s internal news broadcast as an anchor woman.  There is no way that you would have convinced me to be in front of a camera let alone the “star” of the show- especially at her age.  She wishes for her future cousin to find a “sassy and spunky side”.  That wish from McKenna is very appropriate!  Square20

Mason is the rambunctious youngest child.  He is full of love and life (and energy).  He chose the dog fabric with the accompanying wish of a love for animals.  I think that his love for animals greatly increased with their family’s addition of Beastie (a Chihuahua that looks VERY similar to our Belle).  I know that Beastie would approve!  Square21

I am so excited that everyone will have the opportunity to be represented in the quilt!  And yes all of the amazing prints will find a place to be showcased in the finished piece.  I know that when our little one snuggles up in this love filled quilt there will be no doubt that he/she is loved and supported by tons of people. 

Thanks guys! Love ya tons!!!!!!


Poppie said...

I am going to have to go find that book now so I can read it! It was really hard for me to keep Michelle's gift a secret. I love the fabric choices, also. They are very meaningful and appropriate to the senders.

Steve & Michelle said...

I am so glad you liked your package, Nancy!!! We had fun preparing it for you and Ray. We are looking forward to your little one joining our family! Love you, sis.