Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting Something Done

So…… I never thought I would be so very happy to have a long to do list again…….but in this case I am ecstatic!  Once I got the green light to go ahead and start the paper chase with the documents that I do have, I was ready to go!  Today I feel like I accomplished something! 

I was able to get some of the documents sent to the state level (out of state documents) and another bunch of documents notarized (we had been sitting on those because we felt no urgency with the home study study agency mess).  Now that I feel like things WILL get moving soon, I have a renewed need for the to do list.  On my next weekday off I will take the paperwork for our state over to the Secretary of State’s office to handle that portion in person.  I love putting checks on the Dossier Quick Reference paper!

Can I just tell you how very happy I will be when I can announce that all of my paperwork is at CCAI.  I will be even happier for it to be logged in in China- but for right now- I will take just being in Colorado.  For right now I will take any progress I can get.

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Britt said...

Hi Nancy
Welcome to the paper chase. I too am compiling a dossier, a CCAI family, and just recently submitted a MCC. Congrats on moving forward! It's so exciting to watch a family grow!