Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love my kids!

Just a quick post to say that the kids are doing awesome! Kylee just turned one (how is that even possible)! The kids get along great, and Ray and I are still alive. Exhausted- but alive. Kai is a little charmer! Everywhere we go he makes new friends. He especially likes check out girls;). Kai and Kylee get along fabulously! Now that Kylee is walking- she is giving Kai a run for his money. She wants to be everywhere that Kai is, doing everything that he is. She just adores him!

Speech is progressing slowly with Kai. He has probably 20-30 words that mommy understands. He has over 50 signs to help fill in gaps and he is always able to get his point across. We still do speech weekly and he tries so hard. He just gets so excited and all the sounds run together. On his 3rd birthday his speech will be transferred over to the public school so pray this will be an easy transition for Kai. He has a hard time with big change.

I still can't believe that I am such a lucky mom! I have the best kids and an amazing supportive husband! At the end of the day when I lay down (exhausted) I know how blessed I am!


Debbie Sauer said...

So glad for the update, I check often. Your kids are absolutely gorgeous! Blessings

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Very cute babies. It is pleasure to going through your post.

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Алена said...

You have a wonderful family! I wish you happiness!