Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday!

On June 22nd I turned 30 years old!  I am absolutely thrilled to announce this age in relation to my birthday.  I couldn’t be more thrilled about a birthday and I guess this is supposed to be one to dread.

Ray and I have been trying for a child for some time now (married 7 years in March).  We had discussed the option of adoption before we ever started trying to conceive “one of our own”.  It is amazing how God prepares you for your calling in life.  When we were told that we couldn’t have our own biological kiddos- we were starting the adoption paperwork within the month.  By the time we decided to look into China as an option I was already 29 1/2 which is the exact age that you can start the process with China. 

Now we are in this whirlwind of paperwork and abbreviations.  This letter soup needs its own post!  I have learned so much about the common abbreviations (LOI-letter of intent, LID-logged in date, DTC- dossier to China, PA- pre-approval, LOA- letter of approval (which by the way we will have 2 of since we are a Hague family), TA- travel approval, CA- consulate appointment….) and the not so common abbreviations (ZZ- Zhengzhou).

The biggest thing is knowing that from now on- we are official to be eligible to adopt at any time from China!  That alone is worth celebrating! 

Am I really the only person this excited to be 30? Nah smile_teeth

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