Thursday, June 4, 2009

Squishies from the mouths of babes, 76-80 (to be continued)


kindness progress letter Squishies 76-90 are from a kindness project that we were selected to be part of.  I was contacted by a friend from the Disney community about this idea and was extremely honored to receive these beautiful wishes.  Three other wish swappers from the OHGWQ (one hundred good wishes quilt) Yahoo group were selected as well for a total of 4 ladies with 15 squishies each.  That is a large under taking- 60 wishes!

Each of the fabrics are very different and the wishes are absolutely “one of a kind”.  Truly these wishes are from the innocent mouths (or crayons) of babes.  When I read each card, the emotion was overwhelming.  How precious and simple these wishes from one child to another are.  Most of them can certainly speak for themselves. 

Wish76 front


Wish76 back

I hope that  our child has the opportunity to ride his bike as well.  The patriotic fabric is a great combination for this particular wish.  Our child will have the freedom to choose to do whatever he wishes.  I can’t wait to see that first- Daddy running after the bike and little one taking off down the street.

Wish77 back Wish77 front Square77

I hope that our kiddo also learns an appreciation for music and the joy that it can bring.  What a better wish than to have a happy life.  I know that my life will be a lot more complete when we are finally +1!


Wish78 back Wish78 front Square78

Catching frogs is probably not at the top of my list for things to do with our little one, but I know that Ray will have a blast with this one.  I will be there for the mud pies and splashing in puddles- hoping squishy things- Daddy can help out there.  I do love the wish though.  It shows you were these kids priorities are! (right where they should be)

Wish79 back Wish79 front Square79

I can’t wait for family game nights.  Growing up we tried to have a regular night (sometimes not so regularly) that we would get together and play games as a family.  I LOVED THAT!  This will be a priority for me as we work to make our own family traditions.  It looks like Emma is ready to play cowboys and Indians in her picture. ;-)


Wish80 back Wish80 front Square80

If my family and friends have any say over this wish then all of the toys will light up, make noise, and require batteries.  I guess pay backs are fair.  I should have known that would come back to get me. smile_teeth 

The rest of the wishes will be coming soon.  This would be a giant post with all of the 15 squishies.

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I'm so glad you enjoyed all the wishes we sent. I will be following your blog as you go through the adoption process... and maybe someday we can all meet at Disney!
If anyone is interested in hearing more about the Kindness Project, my blog is