Friday, June 12, 2009

The ups and the downs- a long day

So we got our invitation to fingerprint for the I800A on Wednesday (yesterday) with an appointment day for the 30th of this month.  We decided that with all that we have going on in our preparations that this date was incredibly far away.  My husband called the number at the bottom of the invitation (that is only for Hague families) and explained our situation.  He was informed that we needed to go to the local office, find a staff member, explain our “special situation” and see if they would take mercy on us and allow us to fingerprint early.

This is where I have to insert that all of the prayers that you guys have been sending up for us must have worked to soften the hearts at the immigration department.

When we arrived, the security guard was a little short with us- very quick to point out that our appointment was not until the 30th.  We explained that we had been in contact with the customer support number and they suggested that we come down to speak with someone in person.  He mumbled something about them trying to tell the local offices how to do their jobs and made a phone call to “the back”.  Soon a supervisor came to talk to us and allowed us to tell her our “situation”.  After a glance at a couple of pictures (wink) and a few minutes of explanation- we were allowed to “sit right there in these chairs and we will see if we can fit you in”.  I happily told her that we had brought provisions to camp out the whole day if necessary, and that we would do whatever she needed us to.

After only an hour and a half wait- we were getting our fingerprints done!  They had someone reschedule and had no problem working us in! –AS A SIDE NOTE- While waiting Ray and I distinctly heard Disney music coming from the direction of the finger printing office.  I can pick out the music from Cinderella almost anywhere.  How can you not take that as a good sign ;-)

Once we arrived home I was able to finish putting the remaining documents (minus the 797) in the mail for Colorado.  All of our dossier (minus the 797) is now in the hands (almost) of CCAI.  This again was a huge relief.  Every time we can check something off the list- it feels like one step closer to our big journey!

After lunch I gave the customer service number a call to see if our fingerprints had been processed already.  This was the suggestion given to my husband yesterday when he originally called.  He was told to call back to see if our case could be expedited due to our “special situation”.  The nice lady on the other end of the phone asked if I could get a letter from a doctor to support our need which I informed her wouldn’t be a problem.

They had the letter faxed to them within the hour.  I was then told that our situation wasn’t special enough and we would have to wait like everyone else.  I was heart broken!  This is where the day got longer.  We had been trying so very hard to make sure that all of the paperwork would be ready to go to China on my birthday (if not a couple days later).  Ray had even planned to fly down to Houston to get the 797 finished same day to speed things up.  Now we are looking at the 797 not being ready for 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.

I know that I should be ecstatic over the fact that the kindness of our local office shaved about that much time off of the wait (fingerprints done today instead of June 30th), but I can’t help but feel frustrated that the time line is still so long.  I know that in the bigger scheme of things- 2 weeks is not that big of a deal, but today it feels like it.  After all of the set backs with the home study- we wanted something to go smoothly.  I know that is a lot to ask for when so many government agencies are involved, but a girl can dream can’t she.

I do have to give a big thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes right now!  We would not be doing as well as we are without them!  I do believe with all of my heart that we were able to get our fingerprints done today because of all of the prayers.  Thank you and keep them coming!  I believe in the power of prayer and I am sending lots up for you guys as well. 

I try to remind myself just how incredibly blessed I am.  I know that without a doubt!  I have an awesome supportive husband that is there for me every step of this journey.  I have an awesome family that is there to listen to me and provide constant support.  I have an amazing support system in the Freshwater ladies (I could never say enough about this group of women!)  My blessings are what get me through this emotional roller coaster called adoption.  Thank you a million times over!


Ash said...

Oh Nancy; I pray all goes smooth. We were the family caught in the horrible I797C wait: we waited 5 months!; from the tome we sent the 1800A application to the Immigration,fingerprinted, then they lost our homestudy, had very s~l~O~w processing of the documents by the NBC, then on to getting it notarized, certified, and authenticated to finally holding our I-797C. It was(is)5 Months still waiting for LID!
Best wishes, I know and hope no one has to wait as long as we did. Looking forward to hearing about your bithday bash.
:o)ash(your ccai friend)

Sambycat said...

Oh girly! So near yet so far! I know how hard it is when you know that In the big picture things are going great, but In the moment to moment-agonizinglyslow slow slow! All I can say is hang In there baby! All three of you are In my prayers... Oh and tink and belle (?) too!

Princess Fee said...

My thoughts will be with you that everything goes nice and smooth, and that the time will either fly by or everything will happen much quicker than you anticipate. It was so nice that you managed to get your fingerprints early, but so frustrating with everything else...

We are all thinking of you both!