Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today Stinks!

So the saga of the home study continues.  We finally had our case worker come out for our home study April 29th.  So we were thinking that we were moving in the right direction and I guess we were, but today we got an email from CCAI asking if we sent the home study guide to our case worker before she came for the home study.  KNOWING that I sent the packet- I knew that this could not be good news.  The fact that my home study was completed April 29th and I was just now getting feedback from my adoption agency should be a clue of how bad this is.  The fact that we submitted our payment and contract to our home study agency February 14th and I am JUST NOW getting feedback should tell you how bad my day is.  There were approximately 3 pages of revisions on an 8 page document!

After I calmed down from receiving this terrible email- I finally called the supervisor.  I know- I know- I should have made this phone call before today and in hind sight, I really should have.  I had no rush.  I had no reason to pester other than having the paperwork ready to go on my birthday.  Now this is getting ridiculous!  It is almost JUNE!

The phone call with the supervisor went really well.  She communicated efficiently and summed up our conversation with a plan for resolution.  She apologized for all of the delays, lack of communication, and all of the other problems that we have encountered thus far in our process with them.  I told her that I will NOT have this case worker on my follow up visits once we return home from China.  She agreed to assign a new case worker and to apply some “gentle pressure” on her through the remainder of our process.  I actually felt like I made some progress by the time we concluded our conversation.

AND THEN- I got a call from my case worker- after hours mind you, so  I am sure she spoke with her supervisor before the call.  She was obstinate.  She told me that my adoption agency was too picky and that she MIGHT have my revisions by Saturday.  I LOST IT!  My vocabulary became smaller, my blood pressure and heart rate went through the roof, and I LOST IT!  I did not let any obscenities out though on the positive side- because I have to find a positive side.

I could have slept tonight without her calling.  I felt good after talking with the supervisor.  Through this whole process she has not felt the need to communicate so why tonight?  I’ll tell you why.  Because I called her supervisor and made her become accountable her her actions- or lack thereof.

Today stinks!


Carrie said...

sorry to here it! I hope it gets worked out soon!

Ash said...

sorry your case worker is a pain. Your (our :o)) agency is not picky, they are protecting us from great delays in the line of the I800A filing at USCIS. (tell that to the hard headed case worker :o)) I'm sorry, she is like that. :o(
Honestly so many people (different agencies and ours on occasion too) get "PINK" letters (not to fun to read) from the USCIS letting us know we need even more info in the homestudy, requiring an addendum from the homestudy agency, and when that happens your USCIS officer often takes an addition 30 days to approve you for the wondeful, last document the I-797C. So, you are in great hands with CCAI, they work hard in trying to avoid those "PINK" letters!
What day is your birthday? with or with-out your homestudy or even all documents to agency, you will still be able to see your sweet babies face, soon I hope for your family, with your beloved "30" milestone. Happy Early Birthday! May your journey & progress to LID & referral, be less painful and more productive.
your ccai friend