Saturday, May 9, 2009

This week in review

This week I was able to meet with the Fresh Water ladies again, and I will never be able to explain how valuable the new found friendships in this group have already been and will continue to be.  This week there were just two other ladies when I arrived at Panera.  Another lady joined us about an hour into the get together.  We had a great discussion about CCAI and why we chose them as an agency, and all of the fun that we will have once we go to China. 

After my culture shock from visiting China town, it was a relief to know that I really am worrying over nothing.  We will have a guide with us all of the time and if our friend Diana goes with us we will have a friend that speaks Mandarin fluently.  I did get the funny feeling that I will be sent with a shopping list when we go though;-) I was told that the only regret that both women had on their first trip was that they didn’t buy enough- a fact that was remedied by both women on their next trip. 

One idea that was talked about that I love is the idea of buying a present to give to our child every year either on their birthday or gotcha day.  Nothing big- a little trinket.  One of the ladies got a jade key chain for her child’s 16th birthday. I think that this is awesome!  Embracing their heritage and culture but in a way that works for us.

We also talked about the little girl that was on the CCAI website and the heart break from my experience.  Each of the women had experienced similar things (not for the same reason) and said that in hind sight it helped to prepare them for meeting their child.  I hope that is the case, however, her profile is still on the website.  I CAN’T wait to be 30!  How often do you hear that?

I really need to start a notebook for all of this great advice and suggestions.  With the wait that we are preparing for I may have forgotten everything that they have passed on.  The stress from this part of the process is enough to make me feel like I have lost my brain most days.  I am so glad that my husband is so understanding!

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