Monday, September 28, 2009

Squishy 115-117

Wish115-117 This grouping of squishies also came from the boy swap.  One of the rules for the swap is that if you are collecting for multiple quilts (more than one kiddo) you have to send the same number of different fabrics to the people only collecting for one project.  Amy is working on three 100 wishes quilt (bless her) and I started Kai’s project before we knew about peanut, so I am just collecting for his right now.  I sent her 3 pieces of the same fabric with three wishes and she sent back three different pieces- all of which are awesome!Square115 These first two fabrics make me want to go fishing!  If I could catch a fun fish like these who wouldn’t want to try (or at least go snorkeling to look at them).  Half of the fun of going fishing is sitting back and relaxing. This second fabric highlights that very well.  Ok and I have to admit that I love the little hats on the kids.  They are all so different and yet all boy.Square116 This fabric just looks like a boy’s fabric.  It makes me want to start building race tracks in the living room and running cars down them- oh wait do I have to wait for Kai to do that? ;-)Square117

Thank you Amy for all of the awesome fabric!

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