Thursday, September 3, 2009

Squishy 112

I love this wish because it is so very true!  We are a family that will be linked by so much more than blood.  We get to love our child because he is a source of joy and light that is beyond words.  We get to love Kai because we made a choice.  We decided to grow our family by love when we were unable to grow our family by the “normal” means.

Adoption really is a beautiful choice and it doesn’t have to be a “second choice” or “last option”.  There are so many beautiful children out there that need a home and parents to love them- for whatever reason.  I have to admit that we felt a strong calling to adopt.  That decision and all of the ones after it have absolutely changed my life for the better.  Even with this crummy wait- I know that when I hold Kai in my arms- all the time will disappear! 

Thank you Lidanette for this beautiful wish!Wish112Square112

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I originally planned to adopt after a few biological ones. Then I realized I couldn't handle as many kids as I originally thought, so we stopped shy of when we were going to begin adopting our kids. But I still long sometimes to "test" myself by reaching out to take in a biracial child. I'm so happy for your family that will soon be together.