Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Wish From Poppie

(To borrow from and paraphrase the great Billy Crystal)

I’m going to be your Poppie!

I have the biggest smile.

I’ve been waiting to meet you

for such a long, long while.

I have so much to tell you

Before it is too late.

I already know I love you

As I sit right here and wait.

I want to feel your hear beat

As you lie upon my chest.

I’m waiting to play peekaboo

And watch you as you rest.

I’m waiting to give you bear hugs-

The kind that last and last.

I want to watch you dream and play

And run so very fast.

I will teach you about our family,

With pictures from long ago.

You’re the new twig on our tree,

And I can’t wait to watch you grow.

Your mom is my daughter,

And your dad is his mom’s son.

They crossed the ocean water

To bring you home, sweet one.

Get ready little Xiao Hai

Your life will be just great.

I am going to be your Poppie

And I can hardly wait!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i am loving this blog!
and this poem is one of the sweetest, most sincere, genuinely lovely descriptions i have ever read.

so happy....