Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First Wish


I received the first piece of fabric for the good wishes quilt!  How appropriate that it has ladybugs!  For those of you who don’t know- the ladybug is a symbol of good luck in China adoptions. 

My mother sent me this piece of fabric.  The majority of the fabric was used to make pajamas for my niece Regan, and I feel that this is truly a perfect symbol for the journey ahead. 

None of the fabric that will be included in this project will be just another piece of fabric.  Every piece of fabric will have a connection to another person because of the love and the wish that accompanied the fabric on its journey.  Whether it started as a child’s PJs or was purchased just for this quilt, every scrap is dripping with love!  When all of the fabric is united it will provide physical warmth, emotional warmth, and spiritual warmth.  It will tie people together that have never met.  People who felt inspired to send little tokens of love to others- many times without knowing any more than the reason for the fabric.  They didn’t have to sit next to me in Sunday school every Sunday for 10 years to be compelled to act.  They didn’t have to work next to me in the ER trenches daily for 2 years to be compelled to act.  They just have a love for others that compelled them to act, and I think that is AWESOME!

I am inspired everyday by people’s goodness and generosity.  I have more reason than most to be a pessimist.  I work in an emergency room as a registered nurse and see the seedy side of things.  I see what happens when others behave badly!  And yet- somehow I can still find the wonder and amazement in people’s actions.

Thanks Mom for being the first to start this amazing project!

(You still owe me a wish- by the way ;)

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Poppie said...

I haven't forgotten about the wish. I will send it when I have thought of the perfect one because just any old wish won't do!