Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy one year Kai!

One year ago today I held my little boy for the first time! It is so hard to believe that this year has gone so fast and that our lives have changed so much.

At our first meeting Kai didn't want Baba (daddy) and now they are great friends. He shared his cheerios with Mommy- good luck getting him share anything now ;) (part of being 2 with a sister that is crawling already). Kai carried a bottle everywhere we went and now he drinks from a big boy cup. He wore a bib 24/7 due to his drooling issues and once his palate was repaired we had no more problems. Last year Kai couldn't communicate more than pointing and gesturing. Now he has over 40 signs and 30 words (that we can understand- gibberish there are TONS more). Kai had to be stuck to Mommy everywhere I went, but he now loves going anywhere Daddy goes too.

Sometimes I really just can't believe that Kai is the same little boy that flew home with us a year ago- I guess in many ways he isn't. He is much more matured and nurtured. What a difference a year makes!

We love you Kai and we are so glad you are a part of our family!


Unknown said...

Happy one year to your family! We always have a big celebration on our adoption day. I want our daughter to know that day is VERY special to us. I know your precious Kai knows he is special, and a God given gift.
Bless you!!

Debbie Sauer said...

I still remember following your journey to Kai. He looks like such a happy little boy. Blessings.

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