Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas_20091211_0015_2009 Today we got to celebrate Christmas together as a new family!  I already received the best Christmas present ever- I was able to have Kai home by Christmas.  It was so fun to see him tearing the wrapping off of the packages and playing with his new toys, and we loved being able to share that with part of the family through the web cam. It was exciting to see him try monkey bread for the first time (cinnamon pull apart bread that is a tradition in the Harkness family).  Of course he loved it and kept asking for more.  It was a blast getting Christmas Eve pictures by the tree (will post later). He loved looking up at the lights from below the tree!  He also liked crawling back and forth to daddy in between shots.  He would just sit in Ray’s lap and giggle, then crawl back to the tree for another picture.  Everything about this Christmas has been new and exciting!

Every day is an adventure with this little guy!  In the 3 weeks that we have been home, we have already been to 2 pediatrician appointments, the oral surgeon that will do his palate surgery, gotten the palate surgery scheduled for January 13th, and been evaluated by Sooner Start for services (the Oklahoma services for kiddos with delays to get them caught up for school). Never a boring or empty day here!

We are starting to get some resemblance of a routine started which has been a big help.  At least I know when the relief of nap time is coming ;)  Don’t get me wrong- he still has a great temperament, but I am EXHAUSTED.  My ever expanding belly reminds me that baby #2 will be making a debut before too long and she keeps me tired all of the time anyway.  Add to the equation a toddler that has endless energy and you get one tired mommy!

Kai has started to feel comfortable in his new surroundings.  We can tell by the fact that he is testing boundaries and entering into power struggles (not wanting to go to bed at bedtime).  Even with this new found spunk ;) I still wouldn’t give up one second with him.  Going back to work is going to be incredibly difficult when that time rolls around.  There is nothing like being able to just stare at him when he is cuddling in my arms at nap time or belly laughing at his daddy when he plays with him.

I truly do have the best Christmas presents ever!  I have the most wonderful family!  Merry Christmas to everyone!  I hope that your Christmas is full of wonder and awe too!


Anonymous said...

Loved the live stream of Christmas Morning!!

Mini-V said...

What a great Christmas story. I thought of you yesterday and hoped that your first family Christmas was as much fun as you described.

Presley family said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that y'all had your frist Christmas together as a family! LOVE y'all so much!!!! Oh, that Kai better watch out when his Aunt JuJu gets close I wont want to let go of him!